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I'm Carrie, a Senior Graphic Designer based in the Bay Area, passionate about branding, visual identities, and editorial design. Currently, I'm diving into the world of UX design, pursuing certification through Google.

I love to use a minimal design aesthetic to create bold and impactful brand solutions for a diverse range of clients. In 2012, I founded Painted Bagels - a digital design company specializing in branding and creating visual identities for start-up companies and small businesses.​

Use your

craft to




The Essentials

Visual + Graphic Design
Proficient at planning and implementing effective design solutions for various digital formats, including web, email, landing, social media ads, responsive, digital publications, and other interactive elements.

UX Design

I'm currently immersing myself in the Google UX Design Professional Certificate course. I'm diving into UX design principles, mastering user research, prototyping in Figma, and analyzing various usability testing techniques. This journey is expanding my knowledge of design and empowers me to create impactful, user-centric designs.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Come together with people from different departments and disciplines to create visual communication solutions that meet the needs of users and achieve business goals.

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